Athletes, coaches, trainers


Because athletic once defined Bro-culture, and now Bro-culture is synonymous with disrespect to women, domestic and sexual violence and harassment.

The Problem The psych literature tells us that sexual violence is associated with machismo, and one thing is definitive-- male athletes, being fit, tend to appear, unfortunately, and are, it would seem, macho. Findings in the violence literature on athletics, domestic and sexual harassment and abuse are startling.

The confusion Women do throw themselves at male athletes, and men--doctors, coaches-- are being tried in court for having committed horrible crimes, when it comes to female athletes. This is an attractive class of people, and although No Means No, it can be difficult to differentiate when consent is actually consent.

The Solution Educate them, the fine points of harassment, sexual indiscretion and relationship violence of all kinds (there are six). The culture in athletics, once considered ALL-AMERICAN, has to return to its original values. (That would be the goal)