Stories of academic discrimination, retaliation.

Tenure helps, but tenure is a weapon, too, plays a part of quid pro quo coercion, a set up for sexual harassment.

It isn’t only in academia. Even in high schools, teachers seduce students, students harass teachers. It would appear that everyone, not only faculty, needs more education about sexual harassment, its consequences, how to respond and most importantly, how to prevent it.

The parochial schools, with separations between the sexes and little discussion of sex, except that it is forbidden, are not safe, it turns out. Children, having little sex education are particularly vulnerable. A workshop in these schools, as in any other with a vulnerable population, must be exceedingly sensitive, not only to cultural norms, but to the ways the materials will be received.

Churches, synagogues, mosques

The supervisor is a rabbi, a priest, an imam, a cleric, somebody trusted.

Or a teacher in the Sunday school. There are suspicions, reluctance to report. The shame that reporting would bring to the community is unbearable. There are even religious laws against reporting, taking it outside the parochial community. But this is no nonsense stuff, sexual harassment, adult to adult, and pedophilia, adult to child. Having policies, procedures, handling it legally, yet with sensitivity and an open mind toward change will require professional intervention. Prevention is the same as it is anywhere else, repeated, ongoing training, lectures, communication.