Tech is Cutting Edge

This should be easy.

Tech is exposed in the media for the bro-culture-- horror stories of parties, rooms designated for assignations, women expected to clean up the mess. The party, obviously, is over. But is that even possible? Will things change? We know that where there is alcohol there is the likelihood that boundaries are over-stepped.

And we can't take away all of the parties, don't want to.

Because tech is always on the forefront, we expect that empathy training might be well-received, and even turned into a profit in the very near future. But you'll have to learn it, first.

You'll also want to know why money seems to corrupt, why being in power tends to skew the possibility of abusing power. There are reasons, and it doesn't have to be this way.

Training up adds to the company, large or small, speaks volumes to the competition, and more importantly, makes the workplace harder to leave, every place else, suspicious.