The Individualized Workshop

Executive coaching can be part of the deal for a top-down mentality.

Changing the workplace culture has to be a trickle down initiative. It used to be that supervisors were the subjects of the workshop, because they have the power of quid pro quo, to threaten the integrity of the lives of their charges, but now the higher ups are clearly in need of new training. And, in very small companies there may not be more than one or two managers, yet there's enough of a workplace problem to suggest that person needs training up. We can do that, and build upon leadership skills in the process.

When there really seems to be only one person who needs it.

We always like to train everyone, but sometimes there is only one individual who is either wielding the quid pro quo intimidation sword: "Submit, or no promotion, no job, no raise no job." Or there's one person who creates that hostile environment, who assaults, leers, offends, persistently. The individual workshop is a format for rehabilitation, change, customized to the situation. As professionals we know how to keep confidentiality, of course.

The sneak preview of the group workshop

Sometime HR wants to know exactly the content of a workshop. Bring us in. We'll train you up in the process.