And Whys


What Is Relationship-Wise?

We started out as a coalition of professionals with a mission to promote understanding about sexual harassment and assault. We thought that if people knew more, it might make a difference. Maybe those who had been assaulted would speak up, and those who assault would stop. Prevention was the idea.

Fabulous, you say.

But either our marketing didn't go anywhere, or this is a touchy subject. Most corporations didn't have the time, didn't have the problem. The school day, the work day, all too short. So we branched out, approached athletes, police and fire men and women, and other civil servants. We also started classes in anger management. This people understand.

We skipped discussion of employee handbooks and went straight to treating individual issues as they popped up. And lo and behold, human resource departments called us to trouble shoot, to handle problem employees.

So that's what we do now, take people one at a time, or occasionally 2-3 at a time, to educate. Four divisions: Corporate-wise |School Wise | Service-Wise | Team-wise

Not too ambitious. Actually very ambitions. Solution-based programs could be

A first stop to ending workplace relationship violence.