Ecologies, Venues, Need to Change

The Internet

Sex addictions, trolls looking for young girls, and peer bullying flourish online. Anti-bullying activists educate, but the same digital technology is used to sexually harass grown women, proposition them. A bystander "bro" culture enables the behavior. Do we have a problem? Can we stop the humiliation (a cornerstone of sexual harassment). Of course we can.

Tech and Corporate

For years online workshops that taught the law, primarily, were the cheapest way to go to reach employees in large companies. We now know they don't work, won't change the predatory behavior (much of it unconscious) of men (mostly men) in powerful positions. An in house workshop that gets to people, really changes how they think, is what we need. That's what is new, and we have one.

Politics and Civil Servants

Our congressmen, even our presidents, are guilty of relationship violence. Stunning, but not new. The military, too, 90% a man's world, especially dangerous to women. We know that where there is a minority (i.e., women, gays, other minorities) in an homogenous (all men, in this case, think police, politics) that a territorial instinct kicks in, and with it, aggression and domination. Continuing education takes on new meaning. We're here to get you started.


The dynamics of young teachers and "mature" students blinds some to Title IX, and informed consent. And many of us have known about the sexual abuse of female athletes, primarily in the Olympics. Our favorite athletes, accused of rape and domestic violence, are molding our children. Can this go on? Not if we can help it.